Boarding Services & Vaccination Requirements


Standard room


Standard room each additional  dog IN SAME ROOM


Extra large room


Extra large room each additional dog


Check In Mon-Fri after 2pm-6pm

Check Out Mon-Fri 7am-11am

Early check in or late check out



Administering  Medication $2 per day


Cat Boarding

additional cat in SAME enclosure













 All dogs stay in a spacious private suite complete with comfortable bedding, toys and food and water dishes.  All of our dogs are taken outside a minimum of 4 to 5 times per day and on especially nice days can play in one of our 17 outside playyards or on bad weather days, can play in groups in our indoor play room if they're socialized.   There is plenty of space for your pets to stay together in our rooms IF THEY ARE THE SAME SIZE but we do require that your pets are on the same food diet and able to eat together unsupervised or you must reserve a separate room. ALSO, FOR THE PET'S SAFETY, WE DO NOT ALLOW LARGE DOGS AND SMALL DOGS TO BOARD IN THE SAME ROOM. We request that you bring your pet's regular food but if you forget we can provide food for $2/day.  Dogs boarding together may be separated at The Pet Lodge's descretion to ensure a safe environment and rates will be adjusted accordingly. Our rates are per night stay.

Our kennel environment is inviting and our suites are designed to be like a room in a home rather than a cage.  This creates a very positive experience for your pet and helps reduce stress effects.  We will even sit in your pet's room with them if they seem nervous when they first come in which does help them relax and bond with us.  We take safety and well being very seriously so each room is fully sanitized after each stay.


Vaccinations are very important for the well being and health of your pet. 


We do not require a vaccination record for our grooming services but highly recommend that your pet is up to date on all of it's vaccinations.


We do require an up-to-date vaccination record for our boarding and daycare services.  This can be from your vet or a breeder and it must show the expiration dates for your pet.


If you purchase the Bordetella vaccine and the DHPP vaccine for your pet and administer this yourself, you must provide us the reciept from the store or vet you purchased it from as proof of vaccination.  If you do not have the reciept, we will not accept that your pet was vaccinated. 


We strongly recommend that these vaccines are never expired but if they have, we require that they have been in their system a minimum of two weeks before boarding. 


Dog Vaccinations Required

Bordetella - this may also be called Canine Cough or Bronchitus vaccine and is normally good for 6 months.  We honor the vets expiration date on your record up to 1 year. This is generally given by an intranasal liquid or shot.


DHPP - this is a combo vaccination and is in a shot form and is normally good for one year.  We honor the vets expiration date on your record up to 3 years but this must be noted on your vet's record that it is a 3 year vaccine.


Rabies - This must be administered by your vet and is good for either one year or 3 years and is in a shot form.


Highly Recommended Vaccination


Canine Influenza - While we do not require this at this time, we are recommending all customer's pets have this vaccination.  This vaccination was introduced to this area at the end of last year but this illness has been around for several years.  Canine influenza is highly contageous and as with human influenza, the vaccine may not prevent your pet from contracting this but it can reduce the severity of the illness and protect against permanent lung damage.


Feline Vaccinations Required

FVRCP - Gives protection from a variety of Feline respiratory infections.  


FeLV - Feline Lukemia vaccination


Rabies - This must be given by your vet and is in shot form.