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Eggs are one of the healthiest and easiest foods to add to your pet's food according to Dog World Magazine

They can be cooked or fed raw.  You can give a whole egg (without the shell) every day to dogs over 20 pounds and half an egg to smaller dogs.

Chocolate found harmful to canines

In a recent Veterinary Journal, feeding chocolate to dogs was found to cause toxic shock in 24% of the animals.

Tip of the day: How to brush your pet effectively

Start brushing from the bottom, and work your way up. Comb thoroughly after brushing to detect any matting or tangles you may have missed with your brush.

Local Vets

We have a group of great vets that we work with in our area and would recommend any of them below...


Mansfield Animal Hospital

(270) 886-9416


Westuck Vet Hospital

(270) 885-0895


Skyline Animal Clinic

(270) 886-6321


Trigg County Vet Clinic

(270) 522-3404